Tiny House October: Subfloor Part II


Our lumber order for the frame and subfloor arrived bright and early on Friday morning. We decided to order from a local lumber yard instead of Home Depot or Lowe’s and we’re really happy with the material. We’ve noticed that as the cuts get longer (we’ve got 8 footers, 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, and 16’s) they seem more likely to curl than the 8’s and 10’s and we tried to stack any that were starting to on the bottom. We’ll get our sheathing material in a separate order because we didn’t think we could store it all in the shed and still have room to work around it.

Not much to say about laying the plywood for the floor; it was about as uneventful and easy as the insulation and vapour barrier. We drilled holes for our frame bolts through 5/8″ plywood and fastened it to the steel frame with self-tapping screws. That was about it! It only took a couple of hours. The only surprise was learning that circular skill saws cut UP through the material like a table saw instead of down through the material like a miter saw. I was sure it was stuck on reverse or something, but the internet says it’s just the way it is! (Mental note: do not cut furniture and stair materials with the nice side facing up!) (Mental side note: how did people do anything without the internet??)

An appropriate amount of time was spent afterward laying on the floor under the sky, revelling in how good it feels to go through this phase without any major screw-ups or mishap,. and then we had a delicious beer and takeout picnic.

With a forecast full of rain this weekend we plan to start pre-cutting our framing materials in the shed according to Mr. W’s very professional looking cutting order.

And in other news…these babies have steel toes :)


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