And Then There Were Walls

This week, with the help of one of Mr. W’s good friends, between bouts of heavy wind and rain, the walls went up on the trailer. I had to spend most of the time studying and going to class, but I did get to spend a couple good days on it and see how it’s all done. We didn’t run into many issues, and as far as learning as you go goes, it all went up relatively smoothly. Sure, a few boards got knocked out and some nails had to be pulled, but overall there were no major setbacks. We had four walls, squared and secured and sturdy by noon on the third day (and it would have been faster without the inclement weather and unforeseen trips to Home Depot). We ended up having to purchase a few extra tools we didn’t have on hand, like a framing square, a long level, and a steel drill bit (for securing the bottom plate to the trailer). I must say, I think it’s a thing of beauty :) Over the next couple of days we’ll be working on the loft, the top wall sections, and the rafters for the shed style roof.


IMG_6986 IMG_6987 IMG_6990





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