Day 101

I can’t remember how I ever got through four years of university while connected to Facebook – not only for the endless scrolling and clicking, but the conversations as well. It’s day 101 of my 99 Days of Freedom because I’ve simply been too busy to write this post. Endless reading and note taking, midterm exams and research proposals, building the tiny house, walking my dogs, celebrating birthdays with days spent in the woods and in caves and having delicious dinners…I am exhausted, and only beginning to see the light at the end of the midterm tunnel.

I signed into Facebook about a week ago in hopes of finding a study group for one of my history classes – it’s a common way for hundreds of students who don’t know each other to come together and exchange course and study information. Unfortunately, I didn’t find myself a study group, and I did find myself scrolling through my News Feed, looking at selfies and reading people’s unsolicited thoughts. I couldn’t believe it! I was signed in for ONE minute, and I immediately found myself scrolling and clicking. I realized what was happening after about two or three minutes and signed out, never to return.

My report on my experience after 99 (or 101) days of freedom isn’t any different than my 33 or 66 day updates – I don’t miss Facebook and I continue to feel a sense of liberation from it. While I wish I had something more profound to say, I think I finally understand that it’s not profound at all. When I started this experiment 101 days ago, my first post was called The Complexities of Quitting Facebook, and at the time, it was complex for me. But my perception has changed drastically during this period and out of all of the different things I feel like I’m currently juggling, it feels like the most simple issue to address. Facebook is an app, nothing more. I don’t need it to connect.

In fourteen days my Facebook account will disappear. A step farther than ‘deactivating,’ Mr. Wonderful found a way to actually delete your Facebook account (and download all of the information and photos stored therein to a file on your hard drive before hand). It’s clean, simple, and permanent.

And that’s that. I deem my 99 Days of Freedom a success and officially disconnect myself from the Facebook monster. Byeeeeeee!


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