Day 1 – So Far, So Good

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 1, Intention – worthiness

I woke up earlier than expected this morning after working until midnight. My room was cool but there was a slight stickiness in the air, and then I remembered Mr. W. saying we should sleep with the windows open in preparation for a hot, humid day today. I decided since I was awake to just get up and go, remembering the heat of the sun on my (not yet sun screened) skin yesterday morning.

I grabbed my mac and my mat and a blanket and set up on the deck outside. The sun hadn’t quite made it over the apple tree yet and the deck was shady but nice and warm.

My practice was good, about 35 minutes long. It was a gentle introduction to the challenge, which I suspect will heat up as the days go by. I wasn’t as totally connected to my body and breath as I have been during my practice over the last few days, and I think it’s because I didn’t start with 3-5 minutes of savasana to centre myself (which is how we always start at the studio). I think to remedy this, I will begin tomorrow by doing my own period of savasana (or “corpse pose”) to prepare myself for practice and see if I find a difference. I also held my period of savasana at the end of today’s practice for a few minutes after the video ended (which Adriene encourages).

One thing that is often recommended in the beginning of a practice is that you take a moment in savasana to set an intention for yourself and/or your practice that day. It can be physical or emotional, psychological or spiritual. Today and for the past few days I’ve set an intention for worthiness – an intention to embrace my worthiness and worth as a person. I do this by placing my hands on my heart and repeating the word to myself for three or four breaths, and then I dedicate the  next hour (or however long my practice is) to that intention.

Inventory (a little list of sensations relative to my practice):


  • light, positive, encouraged


  • tight/tired hip flexors (front of the hips) due to the days of practice leading up to today
  • tight upper right peri-spinal muscle (pre-existing)
  • a bit sore in the wrists from days of practice leading up today, should fade as they become stronger
  • sense of strength and stability throughout my core
  • feeling strong


  • feeling the effects of setting an intention of self-worth for myself at the beginning of each practice
  • feeling love for my limbs and everything they can do
  • feeling grateful for the weather and all the beauty

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