Day 2 – I’ve Had Better

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 2, Intention – get through it

Mr. W had an appointment this morning so I was up at 7 as well and decided to get right to it. It’s a bit cloudy and my app is calling for rain so I thought I’d better hurry if I wanted to practice outside. The air had a bit of a pre-rain chill and no humidity, it was lovely.

I failed to do my own 3-5 minutes of savasana before I started my video, as I said I was going to, and as a result I felt totally disconnected from my breath and my body. I just wasn’t in the zone. I will absolutely make this top priority tomorrow. (The other reason I couldn’t connect may have had something to do with my neighbour ripping shingles off his roof…the noise was distracting and I felt a little bit like I might be spied over top of my super private privacy blanket set-up).



  • distracted, a little frustrated but also feeling accomplished


  • wrists still achey but only during practice
  • upper left back muscles still super tight, can’t seem to loosen them up
  • hip flexors feeling less tender, a little stronger
  • strength through my core


  • feeling the lack of a set intention and focus during today’s practice
  • feeling less happy with my body’s appearance and shape today
  • feeling grateful for my post-practice visitors

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