Day 3 – Sympathy Pains?

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 3, Intention, worthiness

Either I’m having sympathy pains (for Mr. W and his torn ankle thing), or I’ve overextended something in the same area of my foot (under the ankle bone on the outside). I noticed it yesterday morning after my practice and breakfast when I took my dishes to the sink. I had a slight burning sensation when I extended my foot to take a step, and it got worse (tighter?) throughout the day until I was limping around to avoid extending my foot! This morning getting out of bed it was just as tight. Since I haven’t done anything to injure myself, I figured yoga is the obvious culprit and I was nervous about how it would feel doing a practice this morning, afraid I might actually injure it in some way if I have done something to strain it in a yoga pose. Luckily (and mysteriously), it only hurts when I walk – no pain in any of today’s poses. My yoga journey will continue…

In order to try to better connect to my practice today I found a 5 minute guided meditation in savasana to do before I started the Day 3 video. I will say this definitely helped to prepare my mind for some deep focus, but not as much as I had hoped. I think I know what my problem is – a) when I do yoga in the studio the class is 75 minutes, which is a good amount of time to both settle in to a mindful practice, stay focused, and return to my more noisy consciousness in the end, and b) when I’m in the studio I have the teacher instructing on postures and I also have 15 other people around me that I can see, helping me to make sure I’m finding the postures properly. I’m finding the 30 minute videos to be too short a time to become truly focused and mindful and I’m finding my constant glances at the video to be a distraction. I think tomorrow I will supplement with a studio practice.



  • busy, distracted


  • pain in outside ankle
  • strong core


  • not feeling centred, feeling off balance
  • wanting the stillness and mindfulness of my studio practice

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