Day 4 – Studio Sub

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 4, Intention, worthiness

I subbed in a studio practice today and it was everything I had hoped for. There’s just something about being in that room, surrounded by all the mats and the atmosphere and the people…it’s a totally different experience from a home practice. However, the negative aspect of studio practice for me is feeling like my fellow yogis are seeing me and judging my ability (which may or may not be true). That being said, I managed to harness in my focus on breath and body and found some really good flow today.

As a side note, I’ve been taking a bath after practice for last three days with 2 cups of epson salts and I think it’s been helping to sooth any strains and pains I’ve been having.



  • light, positive, clear


  • wrists are no longer sore in table-top position (or any others)
  • hip flexors feel stronger and no longer ache with use
  • tightness in upper back has finally loosened up
  • seriously overextended or over flexed the muscles in back of my left thigh trying to do something I obviously can’t do! Ouch!!!


  • feeling centred, feeling light
  • feeling balanced
  • feeling neutral about my body’s abilities vs. appearance

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