Day 5 – Move The Furniture

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 5, Intention, focus

I’ve made it to day 5…I’ve done the first five days of thirty! And actually, since I was doing yoga before I started this challenge, I’ve actually done yoga everyday for nine days! I realized yesterday when I was talking to a newly converted five month vegan, telling her how my veganism began as a 28 day challenge that never ended, that these 30 Days of Yoga could actually lead me to a lifestyle that incorporates a daily yoga practice! And this thought makes me very excited. I also recall hearing somewhere that it takes us about three weeks to form a habit, so on that front, I’ve got two weeks to go!

It was only 6 degrees (C) this morning when I got up so I decided to move my practice inside today. The setting was fine, although I will tweak it a little next time so that my mat faces the window to the back yard instead of the side of my neighbour’s house. Day 5’s video wasn’t overly taxing, except for some time spent in peaceful (or reverse) warrior  that always works the hip flexor in my front leg really hard. Other than that, it was fairly gentle.

After subbing in a studio practice yesterday and hitting my mat at home again today, I came to realize that I can’t expect the same results from this 30 Day series as I can at the studio, and that’s ok. I think I’m realizing that the 30 Day series is a perfect way to move my body first thing in the morning and spend some quiet time with myself while I work towards building an ongoing daily practice, while studio practices can be used once or twice a week to really ground myself and attempt some more challenging poses with a teacher to guide me. From here on out I will stop trying to find the same results I get from the studio and start focusing on the 30 Day series at home as a whole different animal. I will also be switching now from daily posts to posts every five days, so that means I’ll be back on Day 10! (Although my Instagram will continue to be updated daily, which you can connect with via the widget in the upper right side).



  • light, sharp, positive


  • no really noticeable pains or strains
  • ankle still hurts to walk but not during practice
  • no continued pain from over extension of my left thigh yesterday
  • finding a noticeably deeper spinal twist, sitting and laying down


  • feeling strong and confident
  • neutral feelings about my body, but maybe a slight improvement in body image
  • feeling accomplished

Indoor practice today #day5 #yogawithadriene #30daysofyoga

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