Day 15 – Doubling Up

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 15, Intention – survive

I’ll start by saying the last 5 days have been excellent. My practice has been consistent and pleasant and challenging and comforting. I’ve even pulled a few beginner head stands! Things have been very positive. So positive, in fact, that when I received an email from Adriene (of Yoga With Adriene) about her EMPOWER – Transformative Yoga Flow series starting on June 1, I jumped right in.

Unlike the free 30 Days of Yoga Challenge I’m currently doing, the #EMPOWER30 series is an intense and swift moving power yoga flow. It costs $97 (USD) to join, which gives you a 30 day calendar to follow with the yoga sequences and supplemental restorative videos, a PDF guide with some information on some of the poses and why they are awesome, as well as access to the online #EMPOWER30 community where you can share your experience with tons of people literally all over the world. (I’m currently exchanging Instagram pics with a woman in Italy who is on the same day schedule as I am.)This is so awesome because it gives me a chance to have relatable interactions with people who are just as excited about these yoga programs as I am and who can speak equally to the practice! Check out the #EMPOWER30 hyper link above if you think you might be interested – the course is available until tomorrow!

So, with this new development comes my new home practice plan – EMPOWER series in the morning and 30 Days of Yoga in the evenings until it’s complete (which means the first half of the EMPOWER series!) I want to stick with this plan as long as it serves me each day, and on the days it doesn’t, I will simply put off a 30 Days practice until it does again.

And with that…Inventory


  • light, bright, and sharp; focused and at ease


  • I am beginning to feel a beautiful balance of rubber band-like flexibility and the stability of a mountain – it’s bizarre and fantastic!
  • My legs and neck feel longer, everything feels useful and awake!


  • a sense of ease and patience and a lack of fear
  • feeling a warmer appreciation for my body as a mover and a shaker :)

PS. If you’re curious about my face in the bottom right picture, this Foundations of Yoga clip explains it ;)


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