Day 20 – Feeling All The Feels

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 20, Intention – find bliss

At 7:40pm today I completed Day 20 of 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene and at 9am this morning I completed Day 6 of the #Empower30 Transformative Yoga Flow practice, and MAN am I feeling it! For the last five days (the first 5 days of Empower) doing yoga twice a day has been amazing. It’s like having a favourite breakfast and then having a wee little snack on the leftovers in the evening. Today, however, I’m finding a bit of stiffness and discomfort in my shoulders and armpits – I have a hunch it’s from pulling too many beginner headstands and not taking enough time to really build the pose. *Noted.*

Along with yoga and school work procrastination, I’ve been reading a very sweet little book called The Tree of Yoga, written by B.K.S. Iyengar and I am learning the most wonderful bits of yogic philosophy. I say bits because it is quite clear that each principle that Iyengar touches on in this sweet little book has got chapters worth of details. This book – I’ll utilize a tree metaphor – offers small bites of the low hanging fruit on the tree, giving different flavoured samples that allow you to gracefully move on to the next, while keeping it in mind for a more thorough study later on. Reading this book and the bits of yogic philosophy – so in line with my own longstanding positions and/or aspirations – is revealing the all encompassing nature of having yoga in one’s life – far from simply a form of physical fitness. There is a beautiful connection to be found between the discipline, focus, and meditation of the poses and the body and the discipline, focus, and meditation of the mind, and in life more broadly.

Tomorrow I will pick up a note book that I can take handwritten notes in as I read, I may even start back at the beginning. It’s not often that I opt for a pen and paper unless I’m journaling – the connection just feels truer.



  • so light, so fresh


  • stiff in the shoulders and armpits but also strong – the strength and life energy I feel in my arms and shoulders when I’m in a headstand is mind blowing
  • my heels are almost on the ground in downward facing dog – still an inch or so to go (in the beginning this was one of my goals – I thought it would be an indicator of my ‘success’ – I feel so differently now. While it is an indicator of the changes in my body and my progression as I grow the pose, my ‘success’ abounds regardless!)


  • uplifted, beautiful
  • fully engaged with a ritual of self love and kindness
  • feeling full and content with my choices


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