Day 25 – Wrapping Up

30 days of Yoga Challenge – Day 25, Intention – release

I am quite surprised with my ability to stick with this yoga thing for 25 days. I’ve started yoga a number of times in the past few years and even though I’ve enjoyed it, it never stuck. Money has been an issue, as well as feeling lost in the sea of yoga youtube videos (most of which I find kind of annoying), and having no idea where to start on my own. The Yoga With Adriene videos and  community have been incredible for me, and I owe all my thanks to them. And maybe a little to myself for making it to my mat everyday, even when I reallllllly didn’t want to.

My 25 day old practice has grown considerably since I started. If I were a tree, I’d say I’ve gone from a seed to a sprout poking up out of the soil, ready for sunlight.

One of the truly awesome things about a daily practice is the way you can shape it and fit it into your life and/or space. I live in a relatively small house and I’ve found three places where I like to practice, and those places have changed over the past few weeks as my needs and wants have changed. Mr. W and I have been tossing around the idea of creating a dedicated yoga space somewhere in the house, which will take some creative thinking. Although, I kind of really love the dynamic aspect of choosing my place to practice each day.

I’ve also felt ok in deviating from the scheduled daily sequences based on how I’m feeling and what I want on a particular day, and that’s been empowering. My practice regularly includes a forearm headstand and a number of balance poses, all of which do something magical to my mind. I feel free and grounded and strong and light all at the same time.

While this next five days are the final days of my original 30 Days of Yoga challenge, I will still have fifteen more days of the Empower30 Transformative Yoga Flow series to keep me going. I’m a little nervous of what I will do when that’s finished, and I think I’ll start reading up on designing proper yoga sequences for myself (proper in the sense that certain parts of the body need to be warmed and engaged before moving into certain poses). I’m sure Adriene will continue posting new sequences as well and creating new programs for us, and that is fun to look forward to.



  • generally light and clear


  • incredibly strong and awesomely capable


  • light yet grounded, I feel connected from my feet to my head
  • body acceptance is steadily climbing, increasing all the time

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