Day 10 – Sweet Progress

30 Days of Yoga Challenge – Day 10, Intention – gratitude

This tenth day of Yoga With Adriene  entailed ten minutes of sun salutations with a focus on gratitude, and man, am I grateful! In fact, I’m grateful for so much in my life right now that I couldn’t even focus on just one, although I’d say if I had to choose it would be my independence. But wrapped up with that is my ability to be happy and my drive to make progress in all things important to me. This past weekend Mr. W. left for a few days at his family cottage, and I was so pleasantly reminded of the ease with which I can be alone with myself and fill my time with things that bring me joy.

Since I last posted on Day 5 I’ve had three great practices and two that felt awful. Not physically awful, but awful in the sense that I couldn’t find my groove or my breath or connect to my limbs. My favourite was day seven’s total body yoga – a full on full body experience that left me sweaty and worked out. I’m learning I have an easier time with the more vigorous and physically demanding practices, so I will focus on really settling into the slower more meditative and restorative ones.



  • so fresh, light, sharp


  • so strong and flexible
  • my heels are almost flat on the mat in downward dog (in only 10 days!)
  • my forward fold is deeper and my sit bones reach higher to the sky
  • hip flexors still seem to tire quickly


  • feeling worthy
  • feeling well

Next post will be Day 15 :)


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